Memorial Tree Planting

It’s the heart of what we do

We are able to offer a choice of native trees all grown by us. We are more than happy to plant a tree on your behalf, but should you wish to plant the tree and share in the experience we would be delighted!
Over time your tree amongst others will develop into a memorial nature reserve.
We aim to be thoughtful and respectful. For families that are unable to visit their tree we are able to send images via
email of their thriving tree years after a memorial planting has taken place upon request.
Our Memorial plots start from £125.00. This package would include a smaller species tree, such as Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Hazel, Field Maple, Spindle, Guilder Rose, Mountain Ash, Dogwood or Holly. As
all of these trees mentioned are 'smaller' trees, we are happy to plant in a 4m x 4m plot, knowing that in years to come this tree will not be affected by other trees, giving it plenty of space to grow and flourish. Also included in this package is a slate plaque, 4" x 4" in size, with space for up to 40 characters.
Our next Memorial plot is £290.00. This package would include a larger species of tree, such as Oak, Hornbeam, Small Leaved Lime, Beech, Walnut or Sweet Chestnut. As these trees will grow much larger, the plot size is 7m x 7m.
Also included in this package is a slate plaque, 4" x 4" in size, with space for up to 40 characters.
Our largest Memorial plot is £545.00. This package would include a larger species of tree, as listed above, on a plot size of 10m x 10m overlooking a wildflower meadow. Please note that this package is now fully planted.
All trees are grown by us. Plaques are erected on a softwood post. There are NO hidden maintenance costs and no expiry dates to your plots.
You are able to scatter the ashes of a loved one alongside the memorial tree. A lasting memorial in a tranquil location.

Oaklores Pledge

No harvesting of the trees.
A free replacement tree should your tree be damaged or die. An exact location of your tree.
Provision for you to plant the tree should you wish.
Our Memorial sites are situated in Essex and Suffolk.
At present we are planting at Assington, near Sudbury Suffolk. Trees are planted all year round and watered in dry spells.

Trees planted in loving memory to celebrate their life..

Zorilda R Orvis 1913 ~ 2011 James W Orvis 1907 ~ 1986. Dennis Jackman Margaret Jackman
Len Harris
Eric R Hugill
Ken Hammett
May & Fred Gray
Dolly & Joe Edmead Stanley Warren
Albert Smith
Charles Ashton-Smyth Claire Clarke
Timothy Burrows
Martin Jones
J Buckle
Sharon Mills
Owen Mills
Terry Osbourne
Mary Cullen
Adam Ellington
D Yale
Merlin Jones
Elaine Warrilow
Peggy Lewin
Christine Benjamin 1962 ~ 1992 Gerry Hughes 1933 ~ 2002
Paul Joyce 1971 ~ 2012
Jack London
Patricia Mary Stewart
Judith Manzaroli nee Richards 1963 ~ 2013 Caroleta E Jarvis 1945 ~ 2012 Grace & Dorothy Crowe
Helen Bromley
Veronica Lee
Joe Rust 01/10/29 ~ 08/03/2014 Frances Joan Randall
Maxine Sumun
Jane Croft
A E Carter-Brown 1924 ~ 2009 Anthony Boyle 1949 ~ 2013
Chris Rolleston 1950 ~ 2014 Douglas Marshall
Elizabeth Page
Diana Rosamond Billingham
David Wolton
Margaret A Hodgkinson
Danielle Vickery
Marion Thomas
Kip Cable
Danny Flay's "Glade"
Emma Maria S
Sheila Urquhart
Georgia Edwards
Derek Edwards
Ian Edwards
Shanice Hayley Barnes
Malcolm George Wallis
Ann Stammers
Graham Whitehead
Alan Whitehead
Valerie Whitehead
Dorothy Holden
Ted & Doff Dale
John, Ron & Frank
Carol Norma Jennifer Borowska

Tress planted in memory of a much loved pet

Samson Cherrywood Coconut Oscar
JJ & Louis
Poppy & Dumpling