Corporate Tree Planting

How important is the local environment to your company? Does your company need to look at or improve its environmental image? Would you like to do something in this region?

Planting trees is good news for the environment and can be an effective way of providing a green endorsement for your brand.
Corporate Social Responsibility or C.S.R for short, is an important area for management and customers alike. Customers are becoming more aware of the ways in which companies and their employees interact with their local communities and environment.

Tree planting is a way for business to give something back to the community, whilst also improving companies' green image and is an excellent team building exercise too.

By becoming involved with our tree planting projects, your company will be able to include details of Oaklore in all your marketing and advertising documents and so demonstrate to your customers that you are working with us to create a greener environment and cleaner air where we live and work. We will include your company name on our website and can discuss options for naming parts of our woodlands after your company and other ways in which we can help in publicizing the good work you are doing.

We at Oaklore are committed to creating new woodlands in East Anglia and there would be direct benefits to your company's image and standing in the community from being involved with us.

For further information on C.S.R, or for sponsorship opportunities please email:
Below is a list of companies already involved: